Articles & Press releases

HiPEAC Info- Magazine 2018

In this issue of the HiPEAC magazine, published to coinicide with May 2018 innovation-themed Computing Systems Week in Gothenburg, we speak to innovators of all kinds. TANGO on behalf of the Heterogeneity Alliance contributed to the magazine to promote latest activities of the initiative. Read more in the link below.

TANGO Newsletter #1

From now on, our goal is to share details about the main technical activities going on in TANGO Project. We want to share with the academic, research and scientific communities, state of the art knowledge in the field of how to better exploit and embrace heterogeneous architectures in software life-cycle, based on the progress made by our technical team in our quest to release a number of cool technologies and tools that we are releasing in what we call #TANGOtoolbox. Read more ...